Clinical studies

BiBBInstrument’s first product, EndoDrill® GI Upper, has successfully been clinically validated in 60 patients in hospitals in Sweden, especially in collaboration with Skåne University Hospital in Lund. A published randomized study[1] has shown that EndoDrill® GI Upper takes significantly larger biopsies and more deep tissue than conventional biopsy forceps. For several patients, EndoDrill® GI Upper has brought diagnosis after several attempts with other sampling methods without sufficiently good samples to determine whether or not it is cancer.

Currently there are three additional academic research studies with EndoDrill® GI Upper at Skåne University Hospital in Lund. These are comparative studies for specific indications that will demonstrate how EndoDrill® GI Upper works compared to existing methods such as biopsy forceps and ultrasound-guided needles.

Additional clinical studies are planned for other future EndoDrill® products.

[1] A New Method for Endoscopic Sampling of Submucosal Tissue in the Gastrointestinal Tract: A Comparison of the Biopsy Forceps and a New Drill Instrument. Walther C, Jeremiasen M, Rissler P, Johansson JL, Larsson MS, Walther BS. Surg Innov. 2016 Dec;23(6):572-580.