EndoDrill® GI Upper

The EndoDrill® GI Upper disposable instrument for the diagnosis of tumours in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract and in the lungs/respiratory tract is available in two versions – A and B. The instruments can be ordered individually or in kits of three.

  • Type A with a five-thread drill bit for slow tissue penetration. 
  • Type B with a three-thread drill bit for faster tissue penetration.
  • A kit (article number 1001-11/12/13/14) includes three instruments.
Product name Art.no Property Working length (cm) Working channel (mm) Quantity
EndoDrill GI Upper, A 1001-01 5 threads 155 2.8 1xA
EndoDrill GI Upper,
1001-11 5 threads 155 2.8 3xA
EndoDrill GI Upper, B 1001-02 3 threads 155 2.8 1xB
EndoDrill GI Upper,
1001-12 3 threads 155 2.8 3xB
EndoDrill GI Upper,
1001-13 Mix 155 2.8 2xA
EndoDrill GI Upper,
1001-14 Mix 155 2.8 1xA


Please place your order by email: order@bibbinstruments.com.


Download EndoDrill® GI Upper product sheet (PDF)


Quick guide

A laminated quick guide for EndoDrill® GI Upper is available for ordering. Please contact Katarina Arén (see contact details below).


BiBBInstruments recommends that users undergo training before using EndoDrill® GI Upper clinically for the first time. The training involves a practical review of endoscopic sampling with EndoDrill® GI Upper at the customer’s hospital.

EndoDrill® Core Needle 

Product name Art.no Working length (mm) Gauge Quantity
EndoDrill® Core Needle (KIT) 1413-31 130 14G
EndoDrill® Core Needle (KIT) 1413-32 130 14G 10 

Sales team

Katarina Arén, Sales Director
Phone: +46 70 840 08 60

Jan Sundholm, Product Specialist
Phone: +46 709 131343


If you would like to learn more about the EndoDrill® GI Upper or the EndoDrill® Core Needle, request a product quote, or schedule training, please contact our sales manager Katarina Arén (see above).