Products under development


EndoDrill® Core Needle Under development

EndoDrill® Core Needle is a rigid biopsy instrument of the core-needle biopsy type, with drilling function to take biopsies for suspected breast cancer, but also in other tumor types such as liver, lymph nodes, prostate, etc. where core biopsies are used. The product competes with conventional core- and fine-needles.

EndoDrill® Core Needle offers the opportunity to take core needle biopsies with both depth and direction control in real time throughout the sampling process. This differs from today’s core needles, which are fired using a powerful spring-loaded mechanism according to the principle of “fire and forget” where both depth and direction are estimated. With EndoDrill® Core Needle, tissue material is wound around the drill in a spiral, resulting in a sample that is greater than the depth of the drill. This along with controlled sampling gives a less risky sampling procedure and increased diagnostic potential.


EndoDrill® Model X Under development

EndoDrill® Model X is a research product with a high market potential. The product is run as a standalone development project and is not based on the patented drill function. It is a flexible biopsy instrument that aims to replace conventional biopsy forceps and needles in most indications. The product can take both superficial and deep tissue samples and also offers a unique feature to take 3-10 biopsies at once without removing the instrument between each sample, which is required with current marketed instruments as current instruments must be.

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