BiBB’s IP portfolio is one of the company’s most critical assets. Electric EndoDrill® is protected by one European and three international patent applications that are pending. In addition to patents, the trademark EndoDrill® is registered in the largest markets.

Patent family Patent application Approved patent Valid until
EndoDrill (manual)   USA, Canada


Handle (manual)   Europe, China 2035
EndoDrill Core Needle (manual)   Sweden 2038
EndoDrill (Electric)

1st GEN:
– Europe (EPC), filed in 2018
– International  application (PCT), filed 2019 and national entry performed in 2021in USA, Canada, India, China, Japan och Europe (EPC).

2nd GEN:
– International II (PCT), filed in 2020

– International III (PCT), filed in 2021

EndoDrill® Trademark Canada Europe, USA, Australia, China, Japan, India