BiBB’s IP portfolio is one of the company’s most critical assets. All of BiBB’s products have either been granted a patent or have a patent pending. The company’s most important product, EndoDrill® Model X, is protected by one European and three international patent applications that are pending. In addition to patents, the trademark EndoDrill® is registered in the largest markets.

Patent family Patent application Approved patent Valid until
EndoDrill   USA, Canada


Handle   Europe, China 2035
EndoDrill Core Needle   Sweden 2038
EndoDrill Model X

1st GEN:
– Europe (EPC), filed in 2018
– International  application (PCT), filed 2019 and national entry performed in 2021in USA, Canada, India, China, Japan och Europe (EPC).

2nd GEN:
– International II (PCT), filed in 2020

– International III (PCT), filed in 2021

EndoDrill® Trademark Canada Europe, USA, Australia, China, Japan, India