EndoDrill® Model X

Product under development

EndoDrill® Model X is a multifaceted biopsy instrument that could potentially be used in most indications for flexible endoscopy, such as sampling suspected tissue in the stomach/oesophagus, lungs and intestines.

The product has two unique properties. Firstly, it is able to collect both superficial lesions and more difficult-to-access, submucosal tissue. Secondly, it offers a magazine function to streamline sampling of up to six biopsies, which is the number normally collected from a patient. 

The product includes a reusable component (an electric motor device) and a disposable component in the form of a flexible introducer with associated cylindrical drill bit.

EndoDrill® Model X was awarded an EU grant (Horizon 2020 Phase I) of SEK 0.5 million in March 2018. In the summer of 2018, the development work proved successful. As a result BiBB updated its launch plan in August 2018, with EndoDrill® Model X as its highest priority product candidate.