EndoDrill® Model X

Product under development

EndoDrill® Model X is a multifaceted biopsy instrument that could potentially replace a large proportion of today’s biopsy forceps and biopsy needles within the majority of indications for flexible endoscopy, such as sampling suspected tissue in the stomach/oesophagus, lungs and intestines.

The product has two unique properties. Firstly, it is able to collect both superficial lesions and more difficult-to-access, submucosal tissue. Secondly, it offers a magazine function to streamline sampling of up to six biopsies, which is the number normally collected from a patient. With conventional flexible biopsy instruments, the instrument must be pulled up out of the endoscope’s instrument channel for harvesting after each individual biopsy, i.e. up to six times during normal sampling. EndoDrill® Model X instead collects all captured biopsies in the cylindrical introducer, allowing all samples to be taken in one round. Harvesting is then only required once after sampling. This results in shorter examination time, reduced suffering for the patient, and reduced healthcare costs.

The product includes a reusable component (an electric motor device) and a disposable component in the form of a flexible introducer with associated cylindrical drill bit.

EndoDrill® Model X was awarded an EU grant (Horizon 2020 Phase I) of SEK 0.5 million in March 2018. In the summer of 2018, the development work proved successful. As a result BiBB updated its launch plan in August 2018, with EndoDrill® Model X as its highest priority product candidate.