EndoDrill® Core Needle

EndoDrill® Core Needle Launch in 2019

EndoDrill® Core Needle is a disposable instrument for collecting tissue samples in cases of suspected breast cancer. It can also be used for other tumour forms, such as prostate, liver and lymph nodes. EndoDrill® Core Needle is a rigid core needle biopsy instrument coupled with BiBB’s unique drilling function, where tissue samples are collected in a manner that enables real-time control of both depth and direction throughout the sampling procedure. This differs from conventional core needles, which are fired by means of a powerful spring according to the “fire and forget” principle, where both the depth and direction must be estimated by the sampling physician, leading to poorer sampling control. With EndoDrill® Core Needle, the tissue material wraps around the drill in a spiral, providing a sample that is larger than the actual penetration depth of the drill. This, coupled with controlled sampling, leads to better precision, less traumatic sampling for the patient, and optimised opportunity for diagnosis.

The product is fully developed and has been approved for CE-marking since October 2018. BiBB intends to launch the instrument during the first half of 2019. The product competes with conventional coarse/medium core needles and fine needles.