EndoDrill® Model X is the name of BiBB’s second generation technology, and is in essence a further development of the original idea. A motor-driven rotating cylinder replaces the manual drill screw and is used to take high-quality so-called core biopsies with high precision. Since the end of 2020, EndoDrill® Model X is the world’s first CE-approved electric biopsy instrument for endoscopy – making it the first one granted market approval.

Patent-pending EndoDrill® Model X consists of a handle with flexible drill cylinder (disposable component) coupled with a motor unit, foot pedal and cables (reusable component). The instrument has been developed to collect tissue samples of the highest possible quality, thereby enabling early treatment-determining diagnosis. The primary segment of EndoDrill® Model X is the premium market for EUS biopsy instruments, where flexible needle instruments are used in ultrasound endoscopy for the diagnosis of tumours throughout the gastrointestinal tract, from the oesophagus to the rectum.

Unlike competing manual instruments, EndoDrill® Model X uses an electric drill cylinder. The design enables deep, high-precision sampling of one or more high-quality cohesive core biopsies, which is required for complete diagnosis and staging.