Vision & Strategy


BiBBInstrument’s vision is to improve diagnostic procedures in many of the most common cancers by offering a range of innovative biopsy instruments that will lead to:

  • the possibility of early diagnosis and thereby avoiding more risky and complicated diagnostic methods
  • better tumor samples resulting in safer and more efficient diagnosis,
  • cost-effectiveness for the health care system through early and accurate diagnosis resulting in shorter investigation times and fewer re-examinations.


BiBBInstruments currently has a product pipeline consisting of six instruments in different phases as well a R&D project for a novel separate biopsy instrument. The development strategy is to gradually design EndoDrill® instruments for new indications and perform clinical tests at reference clinics (Proof-of-Concept). Next, single-use disposable instruments will be manufactured, and CE marked for commercialization. Close collaboration with health care professionals at different hospitals is an important corner stone of the company’s strategy that has proven successful.

The first product is the EndoDrill® GI Upper that was launched in Sweden as a CE marked single-use instrument in August 2017. Upcoming instruments have many common design solutions, resulting in rapid development, regulatory benefits and partly joint patent protection. The company’s instruments will be priced based on the market standard for innovative endoscopic accessories. BiBBInstruments product launch strategy is based on the gradual launch of the new EndoDrill® instruments and the broadening of the product portfolio of biopsy instruments during the years 2017-2019. The company thus benefits from the momentum of previous instruments in terms of references and natural sales channels.

BiBBInstruments will initially build a smaller sales organization for direct sales in selected markets, primarily Scandinavia, and subsequently look for one or more distribution partners in markets outside Scandinavia. The Board estimates that the EndoDrill® technology and its unique instruments can be an attractive part of a larger product portfolio at several of the major global medical technology companies.