Vision and Strategy


BiBBInstruments’ vision is to improve cancer diagnostics in many of the most common forms of cancer by offering a range of innovative biopsy instruments that will lead to:

  • earlier diagnosis and thereby providing better opportunities for adequate treatment and fewer risky, invasive procedures
  • more efficient and reliable biopsy sampling
  • cost-effectiveness for the healthcare system through early diagnosis and fewer re-examinations.

Business model and strategies

BiBB’s business model involves the development and sale of innovative biopsy instruments based on EndoDrill® premium-priced proprietary drilling technologies. The company creates value by building a patented product portfolio with both niche and volume-based disposable instruments that together cover the most common forms of cancer that occur globally. EndoDrill® instruments are intended to be sold as disposable products to all hospitals that offer cancer care and diagnostics.

BiBBInstruments will initially build a small sales organisation for direct sales in the markets being targeted, primarily within Scandinavia, and then gradually look for one or more leading global distribution partners. By developing a portfolio of innovative biopsy instruments that are validated in the domestic market (Sweden), BiBB will get references and commercial proof-of-concept for its instruments.

The Board believes that EndoDrill® technology and its unique instruments can be an attractive part of the larger product portfolio of several of the major global medical technology companies. Through partnership with a leading global distributor, BiBB can achieve the fastest possible sales growth.


BiBBInstruments has developed the EndoDrill® technology, which enables high-quality tissue samples (biopsies). With the help of EndoDrill® biopsy instruments patients will have the chance to get an early and reliable diagnosis leading to timely and individualised treatment. This optimizes the chances for recovery, reduces patient suffering and cuts healthcare costs. The company’s innovative medical devices have the potential to improve healthcare and the odds for many cancer patients.

BiBB’s product portfolio consists of disposable and reusable biopsy instruments. The Classic series, including EndoDrill® GI Upper and EndoDrill® Core Needle, is based on the original patented EndoDrill® “drill screw” technology, which enables high-quality biopsies even in deep-growing tumours. EndoDrill® Model X differs from the original “drill screw” technology, and BiBB has also filed a separate patent application for this unique design.

“When performing a biopsy, EndoDrill® provides deeper and higher-quality samples compared to existing instruments.”