Fredrik Lindblad (M. Sc., MBA) – CEO

Fredrik LindbladFredrik Lindblad, born 1967, has since August 2016 been CEO of BiBBInstruments and a member of the Board from September 2013 to August 2016. Lindblad has a background in marketing and business development focusing on life science companies in the early stages. Fredrik Lindblad is the former CEO of BioActive Polymers 2011-2017 and QuickCool AB 2004-2010. Lindblad served as Marketing Manager for medical technology company Jostra AB (part of the Getinge Group) 2000-2004.

Fredrik Lindblad owns 426 600 shares in BiBBInstruments, corresponding to approximately 1.6 % of votes and capital in the Company.

Dr. Charles Walther (MD, PhD) – Founder of BIBBInstruments/Chief Medical Officer

Charles WaltherDr. Charles Walther, born 1974, is a senior consultant in pathology and clinical cytology at Skåne University Hospital in Lund, Sweden. He founded BiBBInstruments in 2013 and was CEO until august 2016. Dr. Walther is the inventor of EndoDrill® technology and other tumor biopsy instruments. In clinical practice, his main field is cytology and biopsy sampling. Dr. Walther is a researcher and has conducted his PhD in tumor genetics at the Department of Clinical Genetics at Lund University. As a result of his clinical work and research projects, he has developed new unique methods and instruments for cancer diagnostics. In 2012 Dr. Walther won TV4’s ”The Inventors” with the first version of the EndoDrill® instrument.

Charles Walther (via Company) owns 3 4372 731 shares in BiBBInstruments AB, corresponding to approximately 13,1% of the votes and capital the Company.

Esther Brännström (M.Sc.) – CTO

Esther Brännström, born in 1986, joined the company in November 2019 and succeeded Dr Dymling as CTO in April 2020. Brännström has a degree in Engineering Physics and has a background in technology development in the automotive industry and medtech. Previous projects include project manager at BorgWarner and Quality Assurance at Baxter.


Esther Brännström holds no shares in BiBBInstruments AB.

Dr Stephan Dymling (M. Sc., PhD) – Senior Technology Adviser

Stephan DymlingDr. Stephan Dymling was born in 1955 and he was CTO at BiBBInstruments 2013-2020 and thereafter Senior Technology Adviser. Stephan Dymling has experience from several senior positions in medical technology companies for cancer treatment and other therapeutic areas, such as Siemens Life Support Systems (today part of Getinge), ProstaLund, SpectraCure, Medical Vision and Clinical Laserthermia System. Dr. Dymling has specialized in the development of medical equipment and also has a background as head of the biomedical department at Skåne University Hospital in Lund.

Stephan Dymling owns, privately and via Allinug AB, 307 738 shares in BiBBInstruments AB, corresponding to approximately 1,2 % of votes and capital in the Company.

Lotta Ljungberg (M. Sc.) – Director QA/RA

Lotta Ljungberg, born 1966, since October 2022 QA &RA Director at BiBBInstruments AB. Lotta Ljungberg has extensive experience of quality management and regulatory work for market expansion and product registrations of medical devices. Ljungberg has held senior positions at international medical technology companies, such as HemoCue, CellaVision, Elos Medtech and Biora.

Lotta Ljungberg holds no shares in BiBBInstruments AB.